Competitive & Market Intelligence


Nerve Center equips you with real-time market and competitive intelligence specific to your industry, company, brands, and products. Compare your performance with that of your competitors to:

  • Differentiate your brand in the market 
  • Identify emerging market trends and patterns 
  • Inform product development life cycle and innovation
  • Maximize marketing and advertising communication efforts to drive engagement
  • Identify up-and-coming competitors before they become threats

Use Cases

Examples of Bottlenose clients using Competitive and Market Intelligence to gain an edge over the competition:

  • A presidential candidate identifies political, social, and economic influencers as well as analyzes voter reaction to opponent’s messaging to drive positive sentiment
  • A popular film review website investigates competitive marketing tactics and developed strategic campaigns to grow their audience and convert competitive product users
  • The world's largest consumer payment system measures share of voice against competitors during national broadcast events to focus ad spend
  • A major film studio leverages the fan base of a major franchise film during a large pop culture event to create awareness, interest, and excitement in advance of the premiere