Consumer Insights & Audience Intelligence


Enterprises rely on consumer insights provided by Nerve Center to drive marketing and product strategies specific to:

  • Market segmentation
  • Evolving product and/or service-related needs, opinions, and perception 
  • Sentiment related to your company, brand, products, and competition
  • High-value influencers and their corresponding interests
  • Measurement of marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Growing your audience and ensuring customer satisfaction

Use Cases

Examples of companies using Nerve Center to learn more about their audience and consumers:

  • A television network identifies and builds audience for a new television show in advance of the premiere and throughout the season
  • A revolutionary consumer electronics manufacturer analyzes and reports on customer reaction and global sentiment to new hardware released to the market
  • A world leader in household laundry and cleaning supplies uses consumer insights to further position as household name for the category 
  • A major film studio analyzes audience opinions leading up to a big release to optimize marketing spend against projected box office receipts 
  • A leading full-service advertising firm identifies editorial opportunities and macro trends 
  • The world's largest consumer payment system analyzes sentiment to understand consumer purchasing behaviors 
  • A premium cable and satellite television network studies audience of a hit show and used their emotional drivers to develop content and keep the fan base engaged during the show’s hiatus