Risk & Threat Intelligence


Forensics and security teams use Nerve Center to detect patterns and vet emerging threats. Our advanced data analytics platform enables you to quickly identify suspicious activity patterns so that you can take action quickly.

Data is derived from:
  • Dark web content not accessible to mainstream search engines
  • Social Media
  • Sharing sites
  • Financial information
  • Server logs and network activity 
  • Email
  • IT Infrastructure

Use Cases

Examples of large enterprises using Nerve Center to mitigate risk and potential crises:

  • A big four accounting, tax, audit, and advisory firm uses insights to help government and industry clients protect their most valuable data assets against cyber security attacks
  • The security team for a leading global credit card company monitors threats by analyzing internal systems, cardholder accounts, user accounts, and social media to prevent data breaches
  • A high-profile seed and biotech company monitors millions of threatening messages posted to social media to mitigate negative effects on the business
  • The world's largest consumer payment system anticipates high-risk situations by monitoring topical trends among known hackers to prevent customers’ personally identifiable information from being leaked