Gartner names Bottlenose a 2016 "Cool Vendor" in In-Memory Computing Technology.

“Gartner’s report validates much of what we have been seeing directly in the enterprise market – the need for anyone to easily access advanced AI capabilities for data discovery and analytics.”

Nova Spivack, CEO and Founder of Bottlenose, Inc.

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Nerve Center®

Nerve Center® makes it easy for you to intuitively harness data intelligence and discovery — without needing help from data scientists or IT.


Make sense of emerging patterns and trends to inform strategic decisions. Our Platform is used for:

Industry Verticals

The Nerve Center® Platform is used by Fortune 1000 customers across a variety of vertical industries, including:



Media & Entertainment

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Electronics

Travel & Hospitality

Bottlenose + KPMG

Bottlenose + KPMG

Nerve Center® helps KPMG member firms and their customers investigate, assess and address present, historical, and emerging trends that may impact the most critical growth, risk and performance areas of their business.

KPMG professionals use Nerve Center® for market intelligence, risk and threat intelligence, forensic investigations, and competitive intelligence.

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KPMG Capital’s investment in Bottlenose is an important step in augmenting our member firms’ ability to help address client issues across the enterprise.

— Mark Toon, CEO KPMG Capital

What is Smart Data Discovery?

Smart Discovery Methodology

“Smart data discovery is a next-generation data discovery capability that makes insights from advanced analytics accessible to business users or citizen data scientists.

It streamlines data preparation and automatically highlights, visualizes and narrates important findings — such as correlations, exceptions, clusters, links, predictions or trends in data — that are relevant to users without requiring them to build models or write algorithms.

Users also interact and explore data via visualizations, search and natural-language-query technologies.”

Source: Gartner

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