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Get insights, not headaches, from the data deluge

Imagine having the intelligence to instantly perceive the changing state of your business from the enormous stream of data flying by at every moment:

  • Social network chatter
  • Live TV and radio mentions
  • News outlets, forums and blogs
  • Dark Web and cyber threats
  • Website and Ad clickstreams
  • Email messages
  • Sales and CRM activity
  • Customer support interactions
  • Application log files
  • IT and firewall data
  • And any other streaming data...

The familiar term “big data” doesn’t fully express the volume, variety, and velocity of the information flows you have to monitor today. Instead we call this “stream data” because it’s data-in-motion – big data that is constantly changing.

Explore past, present and future

Bottlenose is on a mission to make sure your business sees its past, present and future in the new world of rapidly streaming data.

Bottlenose helps you:

  • Spot oncoming risks and threats while there’s still time to prevent them.
  • Foresee emerging opportunities while there’s still time to seize them.
  • Discover essential business intelligence more easily, quickly and accurately.

Do what old tools can’t

Existing big data tools can’t quickly deliver the insights you need from all the streaming data sources you need to analyze. They cannot handle data’s increasing velocity, volume and variety.

The Bottlenose vision is to securely:

  • Deliver intelligence across internal and external stream data sources.
  • Make sense of unstructured and structured data for new, deeper insights.
  • Help you automatically detect trends, anomalies, threats and opportunities.
  • Do it all in real time.

Gain more time to innovate

With Bottlenose, your researchers, strategists, security teams, marketers, analysts and other pros can spend their time moving your organization forward instead of drowning in data.

You will make smarter business decisions, respond faster,and innovate better when Bottlenose gives you answers to complex questions such as:

  • How is trading activity in our stock tied to sentiment around our brand?
  • Can you alert us when hackers are talking about us and activity hits our firewall?
  • Can we pick up potential legal threats and competitor moves in time to mitigate them?

Set it up easily, learn it quickly

  • Most clients go from setup to first insights in three hours, without engineering assistance.
  • Users quickly master our intuitive point-and-click browser-based discovery, reporting and visualization tool.

Leading businesses use Bottlenose

Our vision is reality. Some of the best companies in the world now have the intelligence to navigate threats & opportunities even as stream data grows and changes faster than ever.

Our Technology

Want to know how we analyze 72 billion data records every day?

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The Team

Nova Spivack

Nova Spivack

Co-Founder, CEO

Serial Internet entrepreneur & investor. Co-Founded Bottlenose in 2010, Co-Founder EarthWeb (IPO:1998), (IPO:2007), SRI nVention Incubator (Siri), Lucid Ventures, (Sold to Evri), First investor in Klout (Sold to Lithium), Live Matrix (Sold to OVGuide), Space Adventures, The Daily Dot, Energy Magnification Corp., Common Crawl Foundation, Publish This!, Next-IT, Sensentia, Cambrian Genomics, Thinking Machines, Kurzweil, Individual Inc., DARPA CALO Project; ~100 patents in various stages, ~$200mm raised.


Twitter: @novaspivack

Wikipedia: Nova_Spivack

Dominiek Ter Heide

Dominiek Ter Heide

Co-Founder, CTO

Web developer and entrepreneur. Co-Founded Bottlenose in 2010. Has been building complex information systems since age sixteen. Bachelor in Engineering. Former CTO Cerego Japan (,, lifestreaming apps, semantics, mashups, Web architecture consulting via Synaptify.


Twitter: @dominiek

Rich DeFrancisco

Rich DeFrancisco

SVP Sales

Has driven revenues to $500M and recruited and deployed global sales forces to 100+. Grown B2B sales for enterprise software startups including identity management, cyber-threat intelligence, CRM software, services automation, database accelerators and eDiscovery. Led IPO of Evolve Software, in 1 year acquiring 100+ new customers globally and driving revenue to $70M. Led practices at PricewaterhouseCoopers and CapGemini/E&Y selling data and application solutions both direct and through software channels.

Damon Petta

Damon Petta

VP Engineering

Damon Petta is a proven leader of production engineering as well as a patent-holding innovator. Co-Founded Ridley. Served as CTO at Skrill, SVP Engineering AT&T, CTO at Jibjab. Co-Founder of Foglab. Architect for (acquired by Yahoo).

Jason Seldon

Jason Seldon

VP Finance/Operations

Managed finance and operations for emerging venture-financed software companies including Ripple Networks, ThinkPassenger and P4RC, which he founded and operated to deliver enterprise loyalty mobile applications for major brands. Has directed finance, HR, business operations, policies and procedures for strategic planning, budgets, accounting, reporting, audits, investor and board relations, credit, insurance, tax, legal, and treasury. Earlier experience at Walt Disney, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Board Members

Mark Toon

CEO of KPMG Capital.

John Frankel

Early stage venture capitalist at FFVC.

Andrew Jenks

Co-Founder Formation Data Systems.

Nova Spivack

CEO & Co-founder of Bottlenose,
serial entrepreneur / angel.

Dominiek Ter Heide

CTO & Co-founder of Bottlenose.


We measure the world’s attention, and we get some, too.

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